Women & Wine on Wednesdays was created by Linda Brewster Meffert in early 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana, as a way for women to improve lifestyle balance by re-connecting with friends, making new acquaintances, and being open to develop new ideas and relationships.

Christy Hackenberg and Gaby Tillero created the branding for the concept, after mutual friend, Sandra Lombana introduced them to Linda Meffert. The four women founded the New Orleans location in 2005.

Over the years, many women in many cities have come to enjoy this same opportunity made available by the expansion of Women & Wine on Wednesdays into cities around the country.

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Greetings from the Houston Founders 

What a pleasure to present the new founders of Houston's Women & Wine on Wednesdays:

Peacock Jacobs 

Heading up the Houston chapter of Women & Wine on Wednesdays, is Lead Founder Cortney Peacock Jacobs. She is proud to be a Nerium Brand partner and with her first book due for release in 2013 relating the humorous trials and tribulations of being Vegan/Vegetarian in Texas, the land of BarBQ and Fajitas, Cortney is excited to set her foot on the path of becoming a featured speaker in the health and wellness space. With a background in marketing, music, copywriting, and graphic design, her unique skill set lends itself beautifully to serving this incredible organization and the wonderful women that comprise it.  

"I am thrilled to have found this amazing group of women and look forward to connecting in a real way with each and every one of you! Women&Wine is not just about business networking for me, it is about meeting like-minded women who are looking to surround themselves with positive, uplifting people and who want to foster lifelong friendships."

Radha Prasad 

Licensed Realtor, owner of a business accelerator company, and dynamic entrepreneur, Radha Prasad brings her high-energy talents and 10,000 kilowatt smile to the Houston Women & Wine co-founder team. With highly specilized and diverse real estate experience, she is keeping the REAL in REALtor and bringing her exhilarating ideas to the Women&Wine organization. 

Currently heading up a project through the HESS club connecting speakers with organizations, schools, conferences and events, she is an excellent place to start when looking for ways to up your visibility.

"I consider myself an executive in the industry. As a member Realtor of, HAR and TAR, I enjoy helping Companies negotiate and save on office and relocation space in the Houston, Texas. My passion is to help families negotiate and purchase their primary family home investment property."

Tatiana LaBello

Tatiana Anderson LaBello is a woman that's pretty much done it all, and is pleased to be a part of the Houston Women & Wine on Wednesdays. Tatiana has launched into a successful career as spokes model, life coach and entrepreneur.  Owner of LaBello Lifestyle, a lifestyle company dedicated to empowering and educating individuals to living a healthy lifestyle, adding more fun, adventure and vacations. Coaching individuals to live the life of your dreams. Tatiana is high-spirited and has an insatiable desire to succeed. 

"My mission is to assist you into living the life of your dreams. A lifestyle of fun, fitness, and freedom."

Ruhina Surendren

As the owner and project manager behind DesignIntent, a Houston-based architectural landscaping company, Ruhina Surendran is her own brand of a dynamic entrepreneurial force to be reckoned with. She holds a list of degrees, credentials and experience that can fill a book. Her company reflects her own high ideals of sustainability, lasting value, community integration and involvement. 

"Building green, inside out."

The Houston Women & Wine on Wednesdays group first launched in July 2006.

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