Women & Wine on Wednesdays was created by Linda Brewster Meffert in early 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana, as a way for women to improve lifestyle balance by re-connecting with friends, making new acquaintances, and being open to develop new ideas and relationships.

Christy Hackenberg and Gaby Tillero created the branding for the concept, after mutual friend, Sandra Lombana introduced them to Linda Meffert. The four women founded the New Orleans location in 2005.

Over the years, many women in many cities have come to enjoy this same opportunity made available by the expansion of Women & Wine on Wednesdays into cities around the country.

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About Women & Wine on Wednesdays - St. Tammany

Rhonda Louque,  founder of the St. Tammany Women & Wine on Wednesdays would like to personally welcome you to join the next event

Rhonda Louque Rhonda Louque has worked in leadership development and training with Shell Oil Company for 32 years.  In this capacity she has taught team building, communication skills, leadership, and personal development.  However, 13 years ago she found her true passion in helping women look their best with professional skin care, relaxing with at-home spa treatments, and building confidence.

In 2004, Rhonda realized that she could take her new-found passion and merge it with her many years in leadership development to help others create a job that many women can only dream of.

Now as a Unit Director with BeautiControl, Rhonda leads a team of empowered women who are building businesses of their own while working to achieve their dreams.  Rhonda has observed in her years with Shell that corporate life often has limitations which can take your future out of your control.  In Rhonda’s BeautiControl world, she has determined that limitations exist only if the imagination fails to dream!  If you are looking for flexibility, excellent income potential, and the joy of accomplishment in building the business of your dreams, you owe it to yourself to talk to Rhonda – a true pro in developing leaders for 32 years.

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Women Bingo
Come experience a unique, facilitated icebreaker which provides a fun way to meet other women. Attendees acquire many direct introductions in a short amount of time using a specially designed program call Women Bingo. Upon arrival attendee are offered a card with 16 questions, a la bingo style, but instead of boxes with numbers, there are boxes with different questions and a place to write answers and names. The first one to complete the Women Bingo wins a bottle of wine and everyone gets to meet 16 new people.

You'd be amazed the variety of women who come to Women & Wine on Wednesdays. Women in law, banking, insurance, education, non-profit, arts, media, film, design, marketing, entertainment, architecture, real estate, fashion, beauty, medical field, staffing and many other fields.

Join us the next second Wednesday of the month and be sure to bring a stack of your business cards!

Women & Wine on Wednesdays founders voted "People to Watch 2007" by New Orleans Magazine. Click here to read the article.