Women & Wine on Wednesdays was created by Linda Brewster Meffert in early 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana, as a way for women to improve lifestyle balance by re-connecting with friends, making new acquaintances, and being open to develop new ideas and relationships.

Christy Hackenberg and Gaby Tillero created the branding for the concept, after mutual friend, Sandra Lombana introduced them to Linda Meffert. The four women founded the New Orleans location in 2005.

Over the years, many women in many cities have come to enjoy this same opportunity made available by the expansion of Women & Wine on Wednesdays into cities around the country.

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About Women & Wine on Wednesdays - NE Atlanta

The founders of the NE Atlanta Women & Wine on Wednesdays would like to personally welcome you to join the next event. 

Cathie Politis Fennell & Olga Politis Barton
(Owners of Salon Greco –The European Day Spa)

Cathie is an elementary teacher and an artist who discovered hairdressing as a creative expression on a different type of canvas: Hair!  
During her 20+ years of working as a Master Cosmetologist & Aesthetician in the Atlanta area, she has been responsible for marketing and networking with other groups not only to promote her own business but to create a strong network of women with a mutually beneficial purpose.

is a Master Cosmetologist with a fabulous passion for cooking & gardening.  
As a hairstylist, Olga comes in contact with a lot of local women assisting them in creating and maintaining their best possible image.
She stays very active in the community, and loves to celebrate life. Look for her at our greeting table. 



 Pam Stroupe

Pam has worked in Real Estate, Computer Field,
Market Research & the Banking industry and is currently
the Marketing Director at Salon Greco.
For the last 10 years she has been responsible for
customer service, organizing special events and networking with other local businesses.  In addition to her marketing  expertise, her smile and warm personality
make her a great hostess and founder of Women & Wine.

 Olga Gutierrez

Over the years, Olga has worked as a Social Worker, Sales Rep., and Aesthetician and is currently the Spa Director at Salon Greco. 
She is an incredibly talented aesthetician that keeps
abreast of the latest skin care products, technologies
and equipment as she assists local women in
looking their best.  Over the years she has connected with many women making her an ideal
Women & Wine founder.

All four founders are advocates of the Gwinnett Sexual Assault Center in Duluth.

Company Sponsorships of Monthly Events are now  available.
If you would like special ways to reach out to the women at an upcoming Women & Wine on Wednesday event, please let us know and we'll be happy to provide more specifics. 

Women Bingo!
Come experience a unique facilitated icebreaker which provides a fun, efficient way to meet other women by enabling attendees to acquire many direct introductions in a short amount of time using a specially designed program called  Women Bingo.   It's an easy concept: upon arrival at the event, attendees are offered an envelope.  The envelope front has 16 questions a la bingo style, but instead of boxes with numbers, there are boxes with different questions and a place for names on each box. (Example: what is your dream vacation?, your favorite late-night spot?, etc.)   Attendees ask each other these questions, then jot the answers and names down in each of the boxes.  The first one to complete the Women Bingo card with 16 names shouts "BINGO!"  and is awarded with a complimentary bottle of the featured wine, but all the Women Bingo players are winners as they get to take home the perfect tool to building their own personal "good ol' girls network", an excellent source of contacts for whenever a specific need arises, for example for a real estate agent, party planner, stockbroker, tennis pro, etc. 

Come Join the Fun!