Women & Wine on Wednesdays was created by Linda Brewster Meffert in early 2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana, as a way for women to improve lifestyle balance by re-connecting with friends, making new acquaintances, and being open to develop new ideas and relationships.

Christy Hackenberg and Gaby Tillero created the branding for the concept, after mutual friend, Sandra Lombana introduced them to Linda Meffert. The four women founded the New Orleans location in 2005.

Over the years, many women in many cities have come to enjoy this same opportunity made available by the expansion of Women & Wine on Wednesdays into cities around the country.

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About Women & Wine on Wednesdays

Women & Wine on Wednesdays is now expanding. Let us know today if you are interested in starting one in your city! 

The New Orleans location founders are:
Standing: Gaby Tillero, Christy Hackenberg
Sitting: Sandra Lombana, Linda Brewster Meffert
Linda Brewster Meffert is a New Orleans native, whose professional expertise is in strategic financial management of privately-held family owned small-medium businesses in the south Louisiana area. During the 20+ years in the corporate finance field, Linda Meffert has served in various executive financial positions with a number of family-owned firms. Post Hurricane Katrina, Linda launched her own corporate financial/strategic management consulting firm, The BottomLine Company, to leverage her extensive experience to help a larger assortment of local companies, and to be able to spend more time with her 2 young sons. The specialty of the BottomLine Company is in providing Chief Financial Officer services for medium-sized closely-held companies, serving as a "Financial Fitness Coach" for the executive management team, and as a liasion to the Board of Directors, shareholders, and other stakeholders, including development and implemention of strategic plans to improve profitability by growing sales and reducing expenses. Linda is also the founder of the San Antonio Coffee Festival, debuting in 2012, and the New Orleans Coffee Festival in 2009 and 2010.

Sandra Lombana has over 20 years of entrepreneurial and professional development experience in the State of Louisiana. Her primary responsibilities have included development and management of businesses and/or programs for companies from the initial stages of planning, to implementation and management. She also has experience in marketing, public relations, and working with local, state and national public officials. Sandra has enjoyed working with the local Chambers of Commerce/Economic Development groups both as a professional and a volunteer Board member, which included several city-to-city exchange programs with local officials and lobbying trips to Washington DC. In the late 90's Sandra spent much of her time in Tangipahoa Parish where she started and managed a successful economic development organization. It included leading a grassroots program to enlighten the community of the importance of zoning, which ultimately lead to the recruitment of a Fortune 500 company to Louisiana. She also successfully lobbied the Governor's Office (Foster) and local senators/representatives for $4 million in funding for the project. Sandra is currently single and resides in St. Tammany Parish. She is also a founder of the St. Tammany New Orleans Women & Wine on Wednesday in 2009.

Gaby Tillero and Christy Hackenberg decided to do their own thing together after many conversations about the negative aspects of working alone. After being friends for many years, past co-workers and roommates, they realized that working as a team was one of our strong points. Their firm, Creative Zumo, develops powerful and effective visual identities for small to mid-sized businesses and non-profits. Design work includes logo design, branding, visual identity, print advertisements, brochure design, website design, internet marketing, packaging, direct mail, newsletter and annual report design, with specialties in special events, non-profits, small business, and much more. The two women have extensive industry experience, strong professionalism and (most importantly) a sense of humor to fulfill the branding needs of clients. They pride themselves on strong working relationships, solving problems and tending to needs, so as to create an excellent basis for delivering pleasing and effective branding and communication design. Visit www.CreativeZumo.com for more information.

Company Sponsorships of Monthly Events may now be available
If you would like a special way to reach out to the women at an upcoming Women & Wine on Wednesday event, please let us know and we'll be happy to provide more specifics.

Women Bingo
Come experience a unique facilitated icebreaker which provides a fun, efficient way to meet other women by enabling attendees to acquire many direct introductions in a short amount of time using a specially designed program called Women Bingo. It's an easy concept: upon arrival at the event, attendees are offered an envelope. The envelope front has 16 questions a la bingo style, but instead of boxes with numbers, there are boxes with different questions and a place for names on each box. (Example: what is your dream vacation?, your favorite late-night spot?, etc.) Attendees ask each other these questions, then jot the answers and names down in each of the boxes. The first one to complete the Women Bingo card with 16 names shouts "BINGO!" and is awarded with a complimentary bottle of the featured wine, but all the Women Bingo players are winners as they get to take home the perfect tool to building their own personal "good ol' girls network", an excellent source of contacts for whenever a specific need arises, for example for a real estate agent, party planner, stockbroker, tennis pro, etc.

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